Womyn is more than just a brand of content creators - our goal is to be conversation starters, and a community where women lift each other up and celebrate the things that make them fun, spirited, stylish, dynamic and impactful women.

A woman can find strength in another woman, contrary to the age-old norm of pitting women against each other. And if we all come together, really say what's on our minds, hear each other out, and ask the questions we don't think we can ask? There's no better way to be.

Why Womyn?

Because there’s nothing stronger than a woman with a voice, finding her own identity.

And it’s not just about making statements or taking to the mainstream the conversations that sometimes women seem to be uncomfortable to have. It’s about creating a safe space to champion the Malaysian woman of today, and amplifying her voice, so she can question, reason, understand, and really just be herself in all her glory!

And while it’s a community of women, we’re not out to deepen the trenches between the sexes. True change and conversation can only happen if there’s inclusivity. Right?

What’s our goal?

There is such a rich history of women in Malaysia who have made a mark and impacted society for the better. Our goal is to empower women to take chances, to make changes, and most importantly — to ask questions.

And this journey that begins in Malaysia, will hopefully find its way across the rest of the Southeast Asia, where women can take a step forward and really say what’s on their mind.

We are women with a vision.

We are women with questions.

We are... Womyn — Women With a Y.

What do we want to talk about?

From fashion tips to home hacks, from style sensibilities to empowerment and independence, and from touching human stories to finding the funny, along with banter about health and lifestyle.

Long story short? Just about anything and everything women can, want to, and need to talk about.


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